March Update!

March 28, 2017
Annual Alumni Party 2017

Applications are fast approaching and what better way to celebrate than to reminisce with a bunch of E3 alumni! This month, The E3 Challenge held its annual Alumni Party at Omescape, an afternoon filled with board games, bubble tea, and banter. It was exciting to see E3 alumni again and have a day of catching up.

Stay tuned for the coming weeks as application season is coming and make sure to follow our social media pages for constant updates.

January Update!

January 29, 2017

Hello! Hopefully everyone’s had a wonderful first month as we continue into the new year! With that being said, you all must be working hard to achieve your new year's resolutions, and what better way to add on to that list than by joining The E3 Challenge and expanding your opportunities and skills!

Throughout the month of January, The E3 Challenge organizing team has been working hard in order to find new and interactive ways to encourage the youth to participate in our amazing organization. In order to ensure we are providing the most fun and unforgettable experience in this year’s challenge, we have thoroughly planned new initiatives to be presented for approval at the annual planning meeting, which take place next month. Regarding our Event partnership package, we have also gone through a full renovation, including all new styles and formats. Lastly, this month also marks the end of our Discussion group series, which gave us a tremendous amount of insightful ideas on how to conquer current problems in the planning of The E3 Challenge. Thank you for your continued support! Have a great New Year!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2016

Happy holidays from all of us at E3! December is a time for bonding, which is why the Organizing team had our first social! The food was an amazing and the dessert was larger than our heads! It can’t be all fun without work though, as the team had another meeting preparing for upcoming dates in 2017; discussing ideas and planning our budget for the term. Expect big things for 2017 and for any alumni: be prepared for our alumni party! Stay safe and have a wonderful break!!!

Tis’ the Season of E3

December 12, 2016

Can’t believe it’s already Christmas time and E3 is bringing gifts for all the wonderful youths across the GTA. What kind of gifts you ask? The gift of opportunity!

The E3 team is hard at work ensuring next summer’s challenge is the best one yet! Here is a quick recap of what we have done so far. We began the 2016-2017 term with Power Unit Youth Organization’s Annual Leadership Conference. The team not only bounded through some fun AcroYoga (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), we learned about PUYO initiatives and the values of PUYO as a non-profit organization. Following that, the E3 team attended another event where we could show-off our team to you guys! The Organizing Committee was at the PUYO Annual Orientation, recruiting some new members. We had a lot of fun playing ice breakers and getting to know all the interested PUYO-ers. Finally, we also had our first general Organizing Committee meeting, where we reviewed goals for the upcoming year.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blogs as well as follow our social media pages! This is the best way to stay updated on what is going on and receive word on when applications are opening. Thanks for reading and see you next month! ☺